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Today’s project teams operate in dynamic environments that require snap decisions based on real time information. We’ve taken the old-fashioned ‘sticky’, added some computer genius, and created a simple yet powerful collaborative planning tool for people who get work done.

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Video 1: Introduction to Lean Pull Planning
Video 1: Introduction to Lean Pull Planning

Video 1: Introduction to Lean Pull Planning

This 1 minute videos gives an overview of how Pull planning will work for your team.

Video 2: What is Touchplan?
Video 2: What is Touchplan?

Video 2: What is Touchplan?

Collaborative Lean Planning. delivers consistency and visibility to your team

Video 3: How Touchplan Works
Video 3: How Touchplan Works

Video 3: How Touchplan Works

Learn how Touchplan works on your projects.

Video 4: Touchplan and Scalable Display
Video 4: Touchplan and Scalable Display

Video 4: Touchplan and Scalable Display

See how Touchplan integrates with SyncroSoftware Ltd. on the Huddlewall

Why Lean?

Responding to ever increasing customer demands, project complexity, and reliance on specialized labor, leading contractors and designers are adopting Lean and challenging the way construction is traditionally done. They work to eliminate waste, improve team collaboration, and quickly apply lessons learned to their projects. As a result, they are delivering projects at less cost, on or ahead of schedule, with better satisfaction for everyone involved.

Lean 101.

At its core, Lean is about improving flow efficiency without sacrificing resource efficiency “This is Lean” by Niklas Modig & Pär Åhlström provides a simple and clear answer to the question ‘What is Lean?’. Their explanation transcends industries and really gets to the heart of the matter. The result is a less wasteful more reliable system that drives up quality and drives down costs. Learn More

Lean Scheduling

Learn about team collaboration, work flow and schedule reliability. One of several Lean strategies that improve team collaboration, work flow, and schedule reliability, Pull Planning has team members work together to develop a schedule in reverse, where later activities create a demand and pull work from earlier activities. Touchplan includes a virtual Pull Planning environment. Learn More 

Last Planner®

More than just pull planning, Lean Construction Institute’s Last Planner® is a system for applying Lean thinking to the planning and execution of construction projects from programming and design through construction and commissioning. Touchplan was designed to help automate all 5 elements of Last Planner® including Master Scheduling, Pull Planning, Make Work Ready Planning, Weekly Work Planning, and Continuous Improvement. Learn More

Why Touchplan?

Touchplan allows you to focus on the work to be done, not the software product you need. Imagine walking into a pull plan and leaving with promises from the team for next week, a schedule for the first phase of your project and peace of mind that your team is working together.

Built for Last Planner System

Run your lean jobs using all aspects of the Last Planner System starting today. Our system was designed to allow the “guy swinging the hammer” to contribute to the process.

Coordinate everything

Keep all of your plans together and accessible for everyone on the team. Eliminate wasted time spent translating stickies to schedules and allow your teams solve scheduling changes.

Focus on the Work

Empowers people doing the work to think about their work and how the team can get the project completed on time and under budget.

Simplified Planning

Transform pull plan sessions into schedules. Address changes to project immediately and as a team.

Take Plan Everywhere

Updates and changes are synced and stored across devices in real time. Access the latest plan version without the need to save.

Continuous improvement

Track commitments easily, status work quickly – then evaluate team progress instantly.

Stay in Touch with Your Plan

Touchplan makes it easy to keep your plan current so your team can address problem areas and bottlenecks before they happen.

Still not convinced?

We have put together some helpful answers to your common questions below. If you find that you have another road block for your project, please feel free to contact us.

Replace stickies on the wall?No more stickies falling off the site trailer wall or taking pictures then translating to MS Excel or Primavera. Create your pull plan in Touchplan and take it with you on your Ipad or laptop wherever you go.
Messing up my schedule?After collaborating with your team and agreeing on the work sequence, you can lock the plan so no changes are made to the workplan. Team members can still view and status their work in the locked plan.
How does this work with P6/MS Project?You can now take advantage of the simplicity of Touchplan to sequence detailed work and update your milestone schedule dates in P6/MS Project to meet contractual requirements. Touchplan also exports to a CSV file if you need to import complete work sequence details into P6/MS Project.
My guys don’t use technology?We have developed Touchplan to be simple and easy to use for field staff, superintendents, foremen and project managers. No time-consuming training is required. Most users get acclimated to the app in less than one hour.
Technology isn’t Lean?Technology makes lean construction principles more possible and more portable with laptops and tablets (Ipads & MS Surface) bringing communication directly to the workplace. Touchplan was developed as a collaborative planning tool. We listened to feedback and experiences from the lean community and created the app to reduce the time and level of effort to implement lean construction practices.