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A construction field planning tool for builders and designers.

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Better Meetings

It only takes a few simple changes to get the most out of your meetings. Learn how to conduct efficient meetings that get you back out working in as short a time as possible.

Improve Collaboration

Getting project members to collaborate can be a difficult task. Here are a few of our best tips and tricks to help encourage your team to work together.

Be Proactive

Are you tired of reacting to your project? It’s difficult to stay ahead of schedule when you devote all your time to putting out fires. We can help you get more proactive and be less reactive.


Keep small problems from ballooning into big ones with accountability. When team members hold each other responsible for keeping their part of the plan on track, everyone wins.

Built for how you get things done

Touchplan simplifies and improves near term look ahead planning

Most project teams don’t use their critical path schedule to plan or manage their work week. It’s not detailed or flexible enough, is rarely current, and doesn’t reflect what actually gets done.

Instead, they meet regularly and work things out verbally – sometimes tracking what they agree to in a spreadsheet or meeting minutes … sometimes not.

We created Touchplan for these people, the ones who actually do the work, and we designed it specifically to support how they plan and get things done.

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Better collaboration. Better results.

Touchplan empowers teams to collaborate more effectively, build better plans and achieve greater accountability.

Our simple interface makes it easy for your entire team to participate. You get your team’s best thinking. They feel co-ownership in the plan. Both drive up plan reliability and team accountability.

Teams finish early with less stress, fewer surprises and significant labor cost savings.


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Visual real-time planning

Work plans are always current. Meeting times are cut in half.

Just drag and drop your tasks on the days you’re planning to get work done while others are in Touchplan doing the same. Changes update live and teams coordinate together in real-time.

Build reliability through commitments

Tasks get done as planned. Work flow improves.

With Touchplan, team members do more than just offer up suggestions to improve the plan, they actually own a portion of the plan and commit to making their piece happen.

Finish early and reduce labor costs

Confidence in the plan drives up efficiency

As teams find they are starting more tasks on time and not being delayed by others, they become more confident in the plan and naturally begin to schedule tighter handoffs. This increases what they accomplish in a week and reduces the overall project duration and labor cost.

Join Our Other Customers Using Touchplan

Just a Few of Our Customers

We understand construction.

Before we made Touchplan we built buildings.

Touchplan is a software product by MOCA. Founded in 1999 as a spinoff out of MIT, MOCA is a full service owner’s representative and software development firm serving the design and construction industry. We have over 15 years of owner’s representative experience helping clients transform the way projects are planned, designed, built and managed. Touchplan was developed by inhouse construction management personnel who recognized a need for better planning tools able to integrate with collaborative project delivery teams.