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Three reasons Subcontractors love Last Planner®


There are many reasons why subs should be interested in the Last Planner® System. Here are the top three reasons that subcontractors should be equally invested in tackling a project the lean way.


  • It is proven that using Lean practices in Construction save money. The San Diego Community College District saved $13.6 million on 15 projects between the years 2007-2014. In addition to the financial benefits, the rate of change orders dropped from 7.73% to 4.43% when lean practices were adopted. See “Lean Construction Practices Save Money, Report Says”
  • Last Planner® reduces Rework. Not only does Last Planner® reduce the money spent on a project, it also cuts down on the amount of redone work. Work is done at the last appropriate moment. This prevents sub’s work from being ruined, as often happens when it is put in too early. The early preparation also keeps employees happy, because you won’t need to send anybody home. Last Planner® ensures a smooth and steady work flow, so you will schedule the right number of workers for the day.


  • Last Planner® allows subcontractors to be their own scheduler. Take the time to talk to the subcontractors about the benefits of being a part of the planning process. Most people prefer to dictate their own schedule instead of being told what to do. In the Last Planner® System subcontractors work together to create the schedule. They are empowered to give realistic work completion estimates based on their experience with their crew.

“...the highest form of efficiency is the spontaneous cooperation of a free people.”

-Woodrow Wilson


Change is hard. Convincing people to shift the way they think about construction can be difficult, but with the right information you will be able to get your subcontractors excited about this change.

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