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    08 Feb
    Weekly Meeting Tips from a Lean Expert

    Last week I sat down with our in-house lean construction expert Michael Sullivan. Michael has 24 years of contract and construction project management experience. This experience serves him well..

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    03 Feb
    Smarter Planning Starts Today

    Would you like to save time and money on your project? Are you interested in reducing the stress and headaches on your current and future projects? If you answered yes to either of these..

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    30 Jan
    Touchplan Update: Making Construction Planning Easier

    As we kick off our new blog as a place to discuss all things construction management and smart planning - we will also be using this space to communicate the latest changes to the application.


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    25 Jan
    Crowdsource your Plans

    Ok. When it comes to planning, maybe the concept of sourcing ideas from a large online community (the definition of crowdsourcing) is a bit extreme. That being said, if your project team isn't..

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    20 Jan
    Run Smarter Projects

    Consistently finish ahead of schedule and under budget with less stress and fewer problems.

    Imagine finishing your project weeks, if not months, ahead of schedule, at costs well below budget, with..

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    05 Jan
    Welcome to the Touchplan Blog

    Welcome to Touchplan’s new blog. If you’ve been to our site before you will have noticed that we have been making some changes over the last few months. Stylistically we’ve smoothed out some..

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    30 Oct
    Lean Construction Simplified: Touchplan Launches New High Rise Sample Project

    Over the past year we have been working with lean construction teams using Touchplan to facilitate their projects using the Last Planner System. (Check some of them out here.) After working on..

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    01 Oct
    "This is Lean" Book Review

    Lean 101

    What is Lean? Ask twenty people and you are likely to get twenty different answers. “It’s about improving quality.” “It’s about decreasing waste.” “It’s about increasing employee..

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    01 Oct
    Technology and the Last Planner® System

    Last Planner® System makes your work flow smooth, and saves you both time and money. LPS optimizes your construction process and makes your project more efficient. One way to increase that..

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