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Why Use the Last Planner® System?

Why use Last Planner

There are many benefits to scheduling your project with the Last Planner® System. Changing your existing construction practices can be an intimidating process. When you have worked all of your projects the same way for years, it is difficult to make the switch. If you are still unsure if the Last Planner® System is right for you, here are some handy reasons why you should make the change as soon as possible.

With the Last Planner® System you will be able to:

Save money on projects

Deliver projects faster

Last Planner® does all of these things and more.

  • Creates a more predictable and balanced workflow
  • Reduces stress on project management staff
  • Improves the overall production process
  • Allows for mutual understanding between trade contractors
Last Planner® System: 5 Steps to Efficiency
Best Practices: Last Planner® System

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