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Don’t miss us at the CMAA today.

We are excited to be down in Austin, TX today for the Capital Projects Symposium presented by CMAA. This symposium is a high level conference exploring the technology, project delivery and innovation in construction management practices. Over the course of a few days attendees will increase their understanding of today’s technology options, how that technology is impacting project delivery…

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Students Represent at the AGC

We’ve had a number of student chapter representatives come by the Touchplan booth these last two days. It has been very exciting to connect with the industry members of the future and talk to them about smarter planning. We’ve spoken to students and professors from Kansas State, Iowa State, Pittsburg State and Purdue to name a…

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Save your contingency. Make identifying and clearing constraints the priority.

Identifying and clearing constraints early and often is key to running smarter projects. Often little things that go unnoticed can lead to big headaches. We’ve all experienced it. A permit is tied up in review because of some missing information. A critical activity is held up while awaiting design clarification… or material delivery… or both. A crew works shorthanded because some…

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