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Touchplan is the easiest way for construction project teams to connect, plan and learn together, be it remotely or in-person.

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Start with Your Schedule 

To pull in key milestones

Using your master schedule, you and the team cover the entire project start-to-finish, identifying and clarifying high-level milestones.

Start with Your Schedule

Define the Plan

To be clear about the work

Using phase scheduling by pull planning you and the team work backwards from a clearly defined milestone to identify in detail the tasks required for completion.

Define the Plan

Look Ahead

To prepare for what comes next

Identify and remove constraints that could prevent upcoming work from being completed as planned.

Look Ahead

Commit to the Plan

To increase accountability

Set a regular time for the team to meet about current and future work and collectively commit to getting next week’s work done.

Commit to the Plan

Identify Key Learnings

To continuously improve

Regularly take inventory of what went well and what could have gone better with the previous week’s plan.

Identify Key Learnings

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Tom V. J.

Tom V. J.
Project Engineer
PARIC Corporation


Being able to digitize each and every one of the processes has been a giant advance for our company as it allows us to show our subcontractors what should be done quickly and easily, allowing them to interact with us in real time.

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Brian W.

Brian W.
Project Manager
TCM Corp.

Brian W. review

Being able to digitize each and every one of the processes has been a giant advance for our company as it allows us to show My field leads love the intuitive interface of Touchplan for developing their schedule

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Justin S.

Justin S.
Senior Project Manager
Flintco, LLC


With Touchplan our company is speeding up the LEAN process and in turn we are being more efficient and effective.

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Christopher P.

Christopher P.
Project Superintendent
McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.


TouchPlan helped save our project time and money by consolidating our short term scheduling needs to one platform that everyone can access and work from.

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Linda K.

Linda K.
Asst. Project Manager
SSOE Group


The schedule is communicated clearly which helps to resolve resource issues. We are able to plan better and communicate more.

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Megan G.

Megan G.
Interior Designer

Megan G. review

Touchplan is a great tool for the integrated design approach.

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What is Construction Project Management

Touchplan is the award-winning construction collaboration tool that helps teams manage construction at every stage. In general, construction management is the way construction is controlled through construction project planning and scheduling and monitoring. It differs from any other industry’s management because of its unique stages; design, pre-construction, procurement, building and finally, occupancy.

Construction project management entails the same characteristics as general construction management, but each project is managed specifically with the goal of a final build through managing resources. While the resource management focuses on things like quality, cost and scope of project, there are always other things to consider, like the type of construction (ex: residential or commercial) and the type of project. Because the needs of each project are so varied, it’s imperative that total construction project management (and even more specifically, construction site management) are in place to make each project successful. Principles of construction management (and principles of construction project management) include ideation and starting the project, deciding on and creating a project plan, initiating the project and tracking its performance.

Proper leadership and guidance to encourage teams to overcome inevitable challenges is entrusted to construction project managers. They oversee every inch of the construction process and impact everyone who works on the job – from architects in the pre construction stages, to the owners who commission and inhabit the structure after completion. Construction project managers are responsible for coordinating teams, allocating resources and devising plans to create a safe, on-time and in-budget project.

Steps to Manage a Construction Project

Since successful construction project management is built around staying within time and budget, the construction project process needs to include thoughtful and efficient scheduling and management of activities. That translates to the management of all people involved and in effect, building construction process flow, or construction project management process flow. It’s this rhythm that will turn an ordinary project into an outstanding one. Consider a framework like Touchplan to assist in construction project management.

To start the construction management system, think of making a project process flow template, organizing the following steps so you can use and rework it as needed in the future.This will be useful for anyone, including project management for beginners. Kick everything off by making a project plan, or a project roadmap. Next, dive into figuring out the players and what everyone will be held accountable to completing. A great way to establish roles and responsibilities is by having a meeting where all partners are represented and can come to an agreement. Move on by creating a schedule – know that the schedule will change and managing those changes is part of the job. So the changes are manageable, putting a process in place to track and notify others is crucial. Consider options that can be used in the field and aren’t restricted to the trailer so that all team members have instant access. Finally, be sure to communicate expectations, the suggested plan and the course of action to track and receive changes to the entire team.

This is a good start in how to manage a construction project step by step, but ultimately the process and refining that process is greatly impacted by the scenario of the build, team and organization along with the project management team. One thing that’s for certain, is that each step needs proper attention and devotion in order to produce the best possible outcomes.

Construction Project Management Software

If you Google “construction project management software”, you’ll find that its purpose is to augment and support the construction project management steps like scheduling work, tracking the progress and recording project information to best determine resource allocation. Finding an all-inclusive software like Touchplan is crucial for planning and evaluating success. This construction project management software truly enables organizations to check-in on crews and at times, multiple projects no matter if folks are in the field, or off-site.

Strongly consider web-based construction management software so your teams don’t have to install or download anything, and information is accessible anywhere, anytime. Seek out construction project management software for builders and contractors that can also be transferable and usable by anyone associated to the project, from trades to general contractors and to owners, architects and engineers. Ideally commercial and residential construction management software have the same components, though when scoping out a tool for larger commercial builds, there may be some additional features to consider. Free construction project management software can be helpful, but typically only for a time. Remember, each step in the process needs attention and devotion. With change orders being a certainty, consider an investment in a tool that will ensure a successful transfer of information, helpful communication and therefore seamless execution.

Construction Project Manager Salary

A construction project manager salary varies, but often is more than the average U.S. salary. The construction project manager salary is not definite and is deeply impacted by the region in which work is conducted as well as tenure and certifications of the individual employee. One way to help with career growth is to develop relationships and deep understanding of innovative and advantageous tools and processes.

Entry-level and associate level project managers can expect to earn less than senior project managers which is expected, just like many other industries and title nomenclature. Construction project manager salary 2019 data suggests that a construction project manager salary entry level is less than the average, however, construction assistant project manager salary is more in line with the average and in most cases, slightly higher. The construction project manager salary – neither entry-level or senior position – is estimated to be twice the median household income, and a senior construction project manager salary creeps well beyond the national average. Aside from the number of years spent in a construction project management profession, additional skills and higher education like construction management degrees and construction management certifications greatly impact total earnings.

Construction Project Management Courses and Certifications

Touchplan has a variety of resources to gain general knowledge on the software, Lean construction practices and several recommendations for industry credits. There are a number of ways you can educate yourself on construction project management from construction management courses to a construction project management certification and even construction project management books.Basic construction certifications can be earned by completing accredited online construction courses and construction management training courses. There are several options that manage hurdles like time, budget and remote vs. live training. If you prefer to take classes in-person, begin by reviewing “construction management certification near me” to find locations. For those strapped for time, there are construction project management short courses you can opt to take. Best budget choices include earning free construction management certifications. There are also construction project management courses online free options. Some complete packages like free online construction management courses with certificates can be a worthwhile pick. In order to prepare for the completion of any program, factor in time to take certified construction manager exam prep courses.

In the event you prefer to check out some literature, there are topics that span expertise levels. For more tenured folks, examine reads that focus on successful construction project management – the practical guide will help make new ideas more manageable and focused on furthering you as a professional. If you’re seeking something to get started, research the best construction books for beginners. Of course, there are also specialty topics like commercial construction books, residential construction management books, and construction project management books; physically smaller selections like construction project managers pocket book are also great finds. While general in focus, they’re equally helpful in self assessment and growth. Downloads and portable document format (PDF) files are also worthy alternatives to classic books. Look up construction project management books PDF, construction project management handbook PDF and construction project management PDF download for starters. Furthermore, free construction management manual PDF selections are also convenient.