Touchplan Makes Collaboration Easy


Here’s How it Works:

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Plan the Sequence


Pull Planning

To create a workable schedule

Working backwards from set milestones, team members are able to collectively organize their tickets by determining the work sequence and handoffs. Once the work sequence is mapped out, you can set a milestone date and Touchplan determines start and end dates for all activities in the sequence.


Weekly Work Plan

To keep the project on track

Once the pull plan is created, you can turn it into a weekly work plan where everyone is able to see the duration of their tasks and how the work is affected. While looking at the tickets for the upcoming week, team members agree to everything scheduled to happen in that time, defining the promise period.

Specify the Work
Plan the Sequence


Make Ready Plan

To prepare for what’s next

After you have set the promise period for the current week, the next step is to anticipate tasks coming up in the future to ensure as smooth a project as possible. Touchplan can create a schedule from the pull plan so the next few weeks are quick and easy to review.


Daily Huddle

To increase accountability

You will use the Today Line within the plan as your agenda. Going over agreed upon tasks on a day-to-day basis increases accountability and if any changes are made, they are documented immediately so everyone is kept up to date.

Specify the Work

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