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Here’s How it Works:

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Milestone Schedule


Milestone Schedule

Develop your Milestone Schedule to define the list of key activities that drive the overall schedule.


Specify the Work

Team members simultaneously detail their individual tasks on tickets, including duration and crew size.

Specify the Work
Plan the Sequence


Plan the Sequence

Working backwards, team members collectively organize their tickets, pulling to the beginning of the work sequence. Tickets placed together in a column finish on the same day.

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Refine the Plan

Specifying a milestone date creates start and end dates on all tickets. (No schedule logic needed.) Team members can refine their plan to reduce project duration and improve work flow.

Refine the Plan
Identify Constraints and Dependencies


Identify Constraints & Dependencies

Last Planners® collaborate to identify critical outside constraints and key task dependencies that need to be satisfied to achieve the plan. Warnings are issued to project members when these put the plan at risk.


Work the Plan

As work advances, project members sharpen their plan for the upcoming week, coordinating precise workday and staffing details with Gantt bars. Changes at this level translate immediately to the entire plan.

Work the Plan
Promise Period


Promise Period

Promise periods allow your team to execute Weekly Planning by transforming tickets into promises for the upcoming week.

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Generate Traditional Planning Materials

Team members can generate Weekly Work Plans, Look Ahead Plans, and Gantt Charts at the push of a button. The materials are based on the configuration of the plan at the time of their generation.

Generate traditional Planning Materials
Update your Progress


Update Progress

Team members check off completed tickets as tasks are finished. The effects of late (or early) finishes are immediately understood on the entire plan.


Revise the Plan

Last Planners® collectively revise the Look Ahead Plan to accommodate actual progress and newly anticipated events. Multiple what-if scenarios can be evaluated before a specific path forward is selected.

Revise the Plan
Improve the Plan


Improving the Plan

Project teams can get Percent Plan Complete (PPC) reports to assess their reliability. Team members can improve their planning going forward with the help of the variance report.

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