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Touchplan is the easiest way for construction project teams to connect, plan and learn together, be it remotely or in-person.

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Start with Your Schedule 

To pull in key milestones

Using your master schedule, you and the team cover the entire project start-to-finish, identifying and clarifying high-level milestones.

Start with Your Schedule

Define the Plan

To be clear about the work

Using phase scheduling by pull planning you and the team work backwards from a clearly defined milestone to identify in detail the tasks required for completion.

Define the Plan

Look Ahead

To prepare for what comes next

Identify and remove constraints that could prevent upcoming work from being completed as planned.

Look Ahead

Commit to the Plan

To increase accountability

Set a regular time for the team to meet about current and future work and collectively commit to getting next week’s work done.

Commit to the Plan

Identify Key Learnings

To continuously improve

Regularly take inventory of what went well and what could have gone better with the previous week’s plan.

Identify Key Learnings

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Tom V. J.

Tom V. J.
Project Engineer
PARIC Corporation


Being able to digitize each and every one of the processes has been a giant advance for our company as it allows us to show our subcontractors what should be done quickly and easily, allowing them to interact with us in real time.

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Brian W.

Brian W.
Project Manager
TCM Corp.

Brian W. review

Being able to digitize each and every one of the processes has been a giant advance for our company as it allows us to show My field leads love the intuitive interface of Touchplan for developing their schedule

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Justin S.

Justin S.
Senior Project Manager
Flintco, LLC


With Touchplan our company is speeding up the LEAN process and in turn we are being more efficient and effective.

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Christopher P.

Christopher P.
Project Superintendent
McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.


TouchPlan helped save our project time and money by consolidating our short term scheduling needs to one platform that everyone can access and work from.

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Linda K.

Linda K.
Asst. Project Manager
SSOE Group


The schedule is communicated clearly which helps to resolve resource issues. We are able to plan better and communicate more.

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Megan G.

Megan G.
Interior Designer

Megan G. review

Touchplan is a great tool for the integrated design approach.

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Construction Planning and Scheduling Software Definition and Purpose

Construction teams have a lot of moving parts. Being able to keep track of everything in one place ensures nothing is overlooked or forgotten. Construction management software is part of an entire construction management system to help in planning and scheduling to keep things running smoothly and projects finished on time.

What is construction management software?

Construction management software helps simplify construction management processes. It helps streamline the day-to-day processes, schedules projects, and improves how they are delivered. You’ll find software that is stored on local computers but may also have a cloud-based system. Contract management software makes it easy to locate documents and alleviate the use of paper which can be misplaced, lost, or destroyed.

Construction management software also allows stakeholders to communicate in real-time, encouraging collaboration from one or more locations. Being able to send a rendering to someone on a job site without having to leave the office saves time, money, and increases productivity. It’s important to be able to properly manage resources, and this software produces, manages, and organizes the office. One of the advantages of having a cloud-based construction management software is the ease of use and ability to track and document an entire project from start to finish.

Being able to provide a cost analysis or project update to a client with the click of a button adds value, professionalism, and loyalty.

Here are additional key benefits to using construction software:

  • Centralization

Having project scheduling software to generate pertinent information at any time is crucial to a successful project. All the information is in one place where all stakeholders will be able to review or make changes to the project flow when needed. Construction scheduling software creates real-time project updates to keep everything running smoothly.

  • Decision making

You can’t make effective decisions if you don’t have a current building construction work program schedule. Construction planner software has everything in one place to accurately measure data. This helps in making the right decisions at the right time, keeping the budget and time schedule intact.

  • Real-time updating

Technology makes it easy to keep track of things without human error. This helps with collaboration, productivity, efficiency, and communication throughout the team.

  • Integrations

Different projects may have different schedules and worksheets from other programs. Construction software allows certain portions of project information to be integrated into the system for overview and insight of current and future projects.

  • Resources

Managers use this software to avoid wasting resources and make better decisions.

  • Cost analysis

Construction management software is a great tool to assess planning, resource allocation, and potential cost inconsistencies.

  • Green construction

Going green is important within the industry but being able to have real-time data on how your project is complying with LEED standards helps get projects done the right way.

  • Accountability

Construction software helps with accountability throughout the project – from scheduling to accounting, everything is noted in one place. This software is also good for keeping track of contractors, when and how they work, and any costs attached to their roles.

  • Time management

Construction scheduling software helps with project planning and delivering those projects on time. Many projects fail in this area due to poor planning. With this software, firms are able to forecast issues, errors, and delays that may occur during the process. It can also keep track of what finished early to assign new areas and move forward.

Construction Planning and Scheduling Software Providers

When it comes to construction planning and scheduling software Touchplan is an innovative, reputable, and trusted option that’s grown in popularity and momentum based on superior services and a world-class relationship-building team. Some typical providers on the market include Buildertrend, construction scheduling software like Microsoft including Microsoft Project, Microsoft Project 2016, Microsoft Project 2019, and Microsoft Project Office 365, and for those working in the cloud, the Microsoft Project download. There are also two versions of construction scheduling software Primavera including Oracle Primavera and the standard Primavera software.

There is a running debate on Primavera scheduling vs Microsoft Project and which one does a better job. It’s important to note that although both are utilized, Primavera is a database-based software, while Microsoft Project is a file-based software. Touchplan however, has earned the highest accolades from customers based on their trajectory with the software and the supporting team behind the tool.

Construction Planning and Scheduling Software Cost

While getting a free version of construction software to try out is a good idea to make sure you choose the one that works best for your needs, using free construction estimating software as a standalone for your firm may not be the best idea. Making the investment ensures you will have the latest versions, all the updates and you won’t have any restrictions that come with free downloads.

When searching for the best free construction scheduling software, it’s best to consider all the things you need. Finding a construction management software free download, or construction scheduling software free download is not hard. Some may consider trying out the Microsoft Project free trial and costs and comparing it to the Primavera scheduling software cost, though the real advantages and values come with using a tool that was specially designed to serve project teams and delivers noticeable results. Touchplan is the construction planning and scheduling software that teams actually like and request to use. 


Construction Planning and Scheduling Software Training, Templates and Examples

Before making your final selections on which construction software you choose, it’s always a good idea to see what type of training exists. Touchplan has a supportive range of training that spans one-to-one team engagement to weekly group training sessions done in-person or via webinar. Each instructor will accommodate teams and companies based on their individual preferences - something not often found with software providers. This innovative approach is unique to the Touchplan team and can also be encountered online through your personal login under the FAQ’s section, digitally via YouTube videos, and when attending partnered events throughout the year such as Lean Construction Institute’s various events. 

In addition, teams can view a construction schedule example via Touchplan to get an idea of what the plans would look like before engaging with the tool. It can be helpful to compare a plan in Touchplan to a regular construction schedule PDF to fully grasp the dynamic real-time advantages Touchplan creates for busy project teams.

If your team is looking to compare software training, Primavera P6 training is namely done via Oracle’s library of Primavera scheduling training options. Microsoft’s resources include general free excel construction templates like a residential construction budget template excel sheet, a construction checklist template excel sheet, a construction draw schedule template excel sheet, a construction crew scheduling excel sheet, and MS Project sample construction schedule. 

Construction Planning and Scheduling Software, Apps and Download Options

Getting the right construction planning and scheduling software can be difficult, especially with so many different options on the market. Taking a look at the best construction management software list and apps can help point you in the right direction. There are a number of best construction apps 2019 uncovered that help makes the job easier, but new and important software and app alternatives are entering the market daily, constantly shifting the landscape of construction applications. 

Some things to consider when seeking out the right software or apps for you and your teams:

  • In general, does a web-based construction management software suit your needs? How about construction contract management software? 
  • For crews and schedules, is a construction scheduling app necessary? Or is construction crew scheduling software important? Does crew scheduling app availability matter? Where does construction employee scheduling software rank? Is free job scheduling software something to consider?
  • For job types, is specific residential construction management software important?
  • For processes, is the critical path method, or CPM scheduling software helpful?

Understanding what you’re looking to achieve and how potential options can work with your existing software and teams can make adoption easier and more advantageous for the entire project and organization. 

There are many online review sites and tech-based publications that compare various construction management software in PDF so you can download and review them in more detail. To help augment sparse resources, some consider the best free construction scheduling apps, choosing free job scheduling software, free construction programme software, or free crew scheduling software. A construction company software free download may also be just the thing to begin using construction management software systems to increase efficiencies, accountability, and productivity, though free options are not recommended long-term solutions.

Should all construction firms and contractors use construction planning and scheduling software? Absolutely. But, each organization has their own needs and wants. Though historically programs like a Primavera P6 download was popular, an emerging array of solutions allows users to pick and understand the nuances of different construction management software, helping make an informed decision on which one works best for their team. This helps keep projects on track while integrating levels of accountability and efficiency.