See how Touchplan
can work for you.

Below are a series of videos that help to demonstrate how Touchplan simplifies and improves weekly look ahead planning.

The Touchplan Way

What does it take to keep your schedule detailed, flexible and up to date? Collaboration. Find out how we can support the way your project teams actually plan and how they actually get things done. We enhance your ability to look ahead, collaborate and create accountability. See how to save money and finish early with less stress and fewer surprises.

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Better Meetings

It only takes a few simple changes to get the most out of your meetings. Learn how to conduct efficient meetings that get you back out working in as short a time as possible.

Improve Collaboration

Getting project members to collaborate can be a difficult task. Here are a few of our best tips and tricks to help encourage your team to work together.

Be Proactive

Are you tired of reacting to your project? It's difficult to stay ahead of schedule when you devote all your time to putting out fires. We can help you get more proactive and be less reactive.


Keep small problems from ballooning into big ones with accountability. When team members hold each other responsible for keeping their part of the plan on track, everyone wins.

Lean Construction:
Planning that works.

Lean is the means to save money through a reduction of waste and an increase of efficiency. The following Lean Resources include all the tools you need to go Lean.

Lean 101

A beginner's guide to the ins and outs of Lean. Lean Construction is the planning strategy that improves construction processes with minimum cost and maximum value by focusing on what the project owner needs. This process-focused system allows projects to save time and money. The information here is for those folks just getting started with Lean.

Lean 201

If you know the basics of Lean, but want more information on how to make it work for you. These resources are for you if you have the basic skills and are looking to enhance your implementation. You know just enough about Lean to know you should learn a little bit more.

Lean 301

Resources to improve your use of the Last Planner® System. At this point, you've got it down. You are rocking and rolling with your collaborative planning and in the spirit of continuous improvement you want to see what else is out there to help you.