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The Touchplan Way 

What does it take to keep your schedule detailed, flexible and up to date? Collaboration. Find out how we can support the way your project teams actually plan and how they actually get things done. We enhance your ability to look ahead, collaborate and create accountability. See how to save money and finish early with less stress and fewer surprises.

What is Touchplan

What is Touchplan

Getting project members to collaborate can be a difficult task. Here are a few of our best tips and tricks to help encourage your team to work together.

How Touchplan Works

How Touchplan Works 

It only takes a few simple changes to get the most out of your meetings. Learn how to conduct efficient meetings that get you back out working in as short a time as possible.

Convert Your Master Schedule To Be Lean Through Touchplan

Lean Master Schedule

Are you tired of reacting to your project? It’s difficult to stay ahead of schedule when you devote all your time to putting out fires. We can help you get more proactive and be less reactive.

Lean Construction

Planning that Works

Lean is the means to save money through a reduction of waste and an increase in efficiency. The following resources are helpful tools for you to start your Lean journey.

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